Companion App crashes on clubs (Android)

Tried searching the forum for any posts or known issues, but couldn’t see anything specific.
I and a few other teammates are having issues with the companion app on android, just on the ‘clubs’ section which we’ve just been recently added to.

The rest of the app is fine, getting to the clubs section on the side menu ok, but clicking on club chat, club events, club activities crashes the app. At one stage i was able to join a club event so can see it ok, but again clicking on it crashes.

I’m running a samsung galaxy s7, android OS v8, app version 3.29.0 (1276), server version 1.264.1
Hoping there are others out there that have experienced the same issue that might know a work around, tried deleting the cache and storage and logging back in to no avail.

Yes it’s a known issue that has been already raised by those in the Clubs beta. Zwift are aware.