Companion app v3.32.00 crashing

Installed the updated v3.32.0 Companion app before my evening ride and it was crashing and restarting constantly. Went so far as to force stop the app, clear the cache and data, then uninstall and reinstall the app. No go :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I’ve never had an issue with the app previously. Running on a Pixel 5 and Android 12 with plenty of RAM and storage free, no other apps besides system ones in the background, not rooted, etc… ATV connected to all sensors, and Companion is just for chat.

Anyone else having an issue?

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Mine crashes regularly as well. Samsung Galaxy S21+, Android 12

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Yes mine crashes also after the update was installed last night. Restarting during use and not giving any updates on favorits starting Zwifting. Android 12, Samsung galaxy phone

No issues here on Android 11, seems to be the difference.

Pixel 5, Android 12, no issues.
I know, doesn’t help…

Edit - Zwift running on a Win 10 PC.

I’m experiencing the same issues too.
Companion app continually crashing since being updated.
Running on S21, android 12.

Info thread here: Android 12 Zwift Companion app crash [3.32.0] [February 2022 ] [SOLVED]

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