Android 12 Zwift Companion app crash [3.32.0] [February 2022 ] [SOLVED]

An update for Zwift Companion just dropped. Hopefully this is related.

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thank you Steve, looks good here!

As my case, it seems that the latest ZC app update have resolved BLE connection issue.
My sensors and trainer have restored through ZC app after update to 3.32.1 with my Google Pixel 4 5G (Android 12).

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Same problem. And being on Linux I have no other options for connecting my trainer to my pc.

Google Pixel 4 here too. I’m on 3.32.0. No update available.

Android Companion v3.32.1 (1323) is live.

Please visit the Play Store and update at your earliest convenience.

For those on Android 12 - please let us know if your issues are resolved (or not). If no - please tell us which issue above is still a problem. Thanks!


Problem solved. Thanks.

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Thanks for confirming @Joeri_Beetz we appreciate it.

yes shuji, resolved. thank you! (pixel 6, android 12)

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Shooj- thanks for the quick notice, updates, and fast fix! I didn’t see this until after my ride but I’ve updated and will report any issues if I have any tomorrow. Thanks again for the quick turnaround.

Android 12 - so far so good (calendar issue). Thank you :slight_smile:

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Seem stable Shuji. I do notice that when I get a rider riding notification and I give them a ride-on the notification does not go away as it used to.

No longer crashes setting in-app reminders, but the reminder creation setting (never/ask/always) is still broken. Always treated as “Never,” no matter what it’s set to.

Still not working after update

Hi John!

We’d like to know more about this issue. Would you mind submitting a ticket with customer support, please?

Sorry but where do I do this ? It’s cut out 3 times this morning. I loses signal with my wahoo kickr and my ticket heart tate monitor

Go to the Support section of the website. Type your problem into the chatbot, then ask to see more answers and eventually you will see an option to contact Zwift. Select the option to email support (not an ambassador).

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Alyssa, still experiencing the syptoms after the Companion update to 3.32.1 (1321) and being on Android 12 on a Samsung S20 with up to date OS. Running Zwift on a Windows 10 PC (also upto date). The problems dont prevent me from Zwifting, just an annoyance when using the companion app.

Can look at more technical details with you if needed (work in IT as an Engineer so conversations may be a little easier).

Have raised a support ticket.


Ian Wilson


The updated version has taken care of several of the issues, thank you. However when trying to give somebody a ride on from the notification bar the ride on cannot be given and it immediately crashes the companion app

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Hi, I did the most recent update for companion on Andriod and I still have all the posted problems.
Luckily zwift itself is working, so I can ride. BUT the companion app continues to crash as soon as it pairs to the ride it shuts down. I didn’t realize how much I use companion… until I couldn’t!