Zycle pro (formerly Bkool pro 3) does it work on Zwift app apple tv

I have just bought a Zycle pro wheel on smart trainer and don’t know which way to go connectivity wise. I would like to use it on apple tv4th gen which I would need to buy, or, purchase a second hand gaming pc or at least one powerful enough to run the app smoothly. I can’t use my trainer until Christmas (wife’s orders) but would like to have confidence in which way I go, set up wise. Anyone can help?

Do you have a link to that trainer? Is it this one: https://www.chainreactioncycles.com/us/en/bkool-smart-pro-3-trainer/rp-prod192088

If it is that one than it should work with the ATV since it does broadcast in Bluetooth.

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I dont think any bkool trainer would work with ATV because it only works on zwift with ANT+
Via bluetooth only works on bkool software simulator.

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If that is true and it could very well be (I’m guessing Bkool uses their own BLE protocol to connect to their app) you could still use it with ATV.

To use it with ATV you would need to bridge the ANT+ connection over to the ATV using CABLE or the 4iiii Viiiiva HRM.

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You are right… but im not sure about it…


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Me either, I have seen nothing but issue with the Bkool trainers on Zwift. I would have suggested a Tacx or Wahoo over a Bkool.

Maybe @Seth_Steen or @shooj can better answer the question.

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this is a link I’ve just found on youtube.
I bought mine from Biciescapa. for a great price. But Zycle don’t seem to have much web presence yet.

I did consider the Wahoo (wheel on) can’t remember the name, but the price was considerably higher.

You mean this one: https://zwift.com/shop/product/wahoo-snap-smart-trainer

I could not be that much more in price and it would definitely work with ATV.

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Decision made! I’ve managed to get hold of a gaming pc for the same money as an apple tv. so I’m more confident of a happy christmas Zwifting. Thanks all the responses! hope to see you all in Watopia soon

This is the link to Biciescapa where I bought it. Great service and prices.

Make sure you get an ANT+ dongle and USB extension like this bundle: https://zwift.com/shop/product/ant-bundle

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Please also read through this article that talks about Bkool trainers and the ANT+ FE-C protocol.


Yeah, I’ve read this. Mines a 2019 so shouldn’t apply. Thanks anyway :+1:

One very happy Zycle Zpro smart trainer user here!
Very simple to set up, connects well with Zwift on my 2017 MacBook Air 1.8ghz with 8gb memory.
The trainer connected with BLE easily. 2 months in no hassle, no drops, no glitches nothing.
Very real feel and better than my mates wheel on Wahoo imho.

I hope you are enjoying the Zycle! I love mine!

I’m very happy with mine as well. I did have a problem but the after sales at Zycle were excellent. Mine was one of the first Zycle pros, it even had the yellow head unit as BKOOL
They asked me to return the head and they replaced it with a brand new one, no quibbles.