CABLE and Bkool

(Simone Stagnitta) #1

I have an Apple TV 4th and Bkool Pro (2016).

So I need to convert the ANT+ signal to BLE.

With CABLE (ANT+ to BLE), can I see the BKOOL trainer as a smart one, or only in ERG mode?

(Vincent W.) #2

Hey Simone! ERG mode adjusts your resistance based on the wattage range pre-selected in the workout. It doesn’t really have anything to do with determining whether your trainer is a smart trainer or not.
Also Zwift might have trouble connecting to BLE on the Bkool Pro…

(Danny Boyd) #3

Use the ANT+ to connect Bkool to zwift. It works fine…
be aware, the BKool trainer overstates watts Big time and there’s a way to cheat with it whether you are knowingly doing it or not. im not going to say how in public forum.
nevertheless, i went and got a kickr, and my A rides went to C rides.

(Simone Stagnitta) #4

You say to use ANT+ but as I already said, I can use only Apple TV, and it doesn’t allow this protocol (only BLE).
So I bought CABLE, that is a product that converts ANT+ to BLE.

My question is if with this setup (BKOOL —> CABLE —> Zwift) (ANT+ —> Converter —> BLE) Zwift sees BKOOL rollers as simple power source or a Controllable Trainer.

Because with BLE protocol, in this moment, without CABLE converter, Zwift sees BKOOL rollers as power source.

For the overstates of Watts: soon I’ll have a power meter, so I think that that won’t be my problem. Do you agree?

(Simone Stagnitta) #5

Thank Vincent.

You’re right, but my question wanted to be different. My fault. See the previous post before this for the clarification.

(Danny Boyd) #6

no i dont agree, it overstates and you can ride at whatever you like regardless. ~ may as well use a normal mag trainer and a powermeter

(Vincent W.) #7

I’m gonna check up on this with our QA department and see if we have a definitive answer. :ride_on:

(Vincent W.) #8

@Galdeano Seems like there’s no guarantee that “workaround” would work for the controllable option unfortunately.

(Simone Stagnitta) #9

This is a really bed news for me.