CABLE and Bkool

I have an Apple TV 4th and Bkool Pro (2016).

So I need to convert the ANT+ signal to BLE.

With CABLE (ANT+ to BLE), can I see the BKOOL trainer as a smart one, or only in ERG mode?

Hey Simone! ERG mode adjusts your resistance based on the wattage range pre-selected in the workout. It doesn’t really have anything to do with determining whether your trainer is a smart trainer or not.
Also Zwift might have trouble connecting to BLE on the Bkool Pro…

Use the ANT+ to connect Bkool to zwift. It works fine…
be aware, the BKool trainer overstates watts Big time and there’s a way to cheat with it whether you are knowingly doing it or not. im not going to say how in public forum.
nevertheless, i went and got a kickr, and my A rides went to C rides.

You say to use ANT+ but as I already said, I can use only Apple TV, and it doesn’t allow this protocol (only BLE).
So I bought CABLE, that is a product that converts ANT+ to BLE.

My question is if with this setup (BKOOL —> CABLE —> Zwift) (ANT+ —> Converter —> BLE) Zwift sees BKOOL rollers as simple power source or a Controllable Trainer.

Because with BLE protocol, in this moment, without CABLE converter, Zwift sees BKOOL rollers as power source.

For the overstates of Watts: soon I’ll have a power meter, so I think that that won’t be my problem. Do you agree?

Thank Vincent.

You’re right, but my question wanted to be different. My fault. See the previous post before this for the clarification.

no i dont agree, it overstates and you can ride at whatever you like regardless. ~ may as well use a normal mag trainer and a powermeter

I’m gonna check up on this with our QA department and see if we have a definitive answer. :ride_on:


@Galdeano Seems like there’s no guarantee that “workaround” would work for the controllable option unfortunately.

This is a really bed news for me.

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