Apple tv issues?

I just got a Bkool pro2 smart trainer and set up my pain cave with an apple tv 4k. Trainer is supposed to be variable resistance but proving otherwise.
I know there is an issue with compatibility but was wondering on who’s side.
Was considering returning trainer for another brand such as Tacx or Elite but not sure if problem is with Apple or Bkool.
I do know Bkool is not giving out protocol for there BLE code so might also be issue with Zwift. I did try Fulgaz just now and same deal, no change climbing hills, so guessing it’s not zwift.
Any thoughts on what I should do? Return trainer or Apple TV or will some adapter work?
Will 4iiii HRM solve this issue?


Doesn’t appear to be a Zwift issue.

The 4iiii HRM may solve your problem, assuming your Bkool supports ANT+.