Zwiftpower plus 15 minutes [March 13, 2024]

Yesterday I did the A ride of the big spinin 1h10m, on Zwiftpower I have a time of 1h26m thats 15 minutes extra, why???

Don’t worry, that’s a known bug that affects everyone.

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guessing the event was configured with a wrong start time

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Welcome @Jack_Poirrie_1955 I appreciate you use this space to share your concern regarding the extra time in Zwift Power. This is Juan from Zwift.

I moved toward your account and confirmed that your time for Stage 1 | The Zwift Big Spin 2024 is different on Zwift than on Zwift Power.

You reached 1h 10m 39s on Zwift, meanwhile on Zwift Power 1h 16m 16s. This is due to the difference in the way Zwift and Zwift Power record the ride. On ZwiftPower the time is from when the starting countdown timer reaches zero to when you cross the finish line. This is the time recorded in the fit file the ZwiftPower reads. On the other hand, in Zwift, the elapsed time (displayed on the game screen) doesn’t start until you cross a double white line as you exit the start pens.

I hope this information has been useful. If you experience a different scenario and this is not the answer you were looking for, please feel free to let us know with more details. The more details you add, the better we can help you. Here you can contact us.

Hi Juan,
Okay thanks@
But I don’t see this difference in time recording during races so this is a bit confusing to me (and probably others)
Ride on

Is it known to Zwift? I don’t see it listed on the Known Issues forum. Or just known to everyone else? :grin:

It’s definitely known as you can see In this thread about the event series, but it doesn’t seem to be on the priority list for fixing as the events aren’t races anyway.