Zwift will not resolve password issue

(David Carlisle) #1

I can not log into my ipad it iphon app and ride my trainer. While I can log in here, the same password will not work on the app.  There support is non responsive and the password retreival emails are never sent. 

(Simon Swinnerton) #2

Same issue.  Tried changing password on the profile on PC but still doesn’t work.  iPhone and PC are fine.  iPad won’t work!

(Garrett Maxfield) #3

Same issue.   Can log in on pc and ipad but when i try and log in on my iphoneX it says wrong password. I have checked several times that I am entering the same password as my ipad and still no luck.

(Simon Swinnerton) #4

Hi.  I got it working by deleting the app and reinstalling.  Slightly odd - but it worked

(Chris Taschuk) #5

Same issue for me.  Tried deleting the app and reinstalling - no luck.  Tried changing password on website.  No luck.

(Garrett Maxfield) #6

My issue was that IOS was adding a space after my email address but only on my iphone. Once I caught that it worked.  double check for spaces and give it a try.