Can’t login on iPhone but can on iPad..?

Hi all,

I can login on iPad but not my iPhone? Checked internet connection, passwords et al - nothing I can do to login on the Zwift app on my iPhone (X). Anyone else having issues with this?

Have you check for extra spaces before or after the username and password?

Hi Paul, yes mate - checked everything. The problem I’ve got is with the app, as I can open the app but not login? I can open the app on my iPad so I’m not sure if it’s an iOS update issue or a Zwift bug?

What is the version of iOS that is on the iPhone?

I have no issue with my iPhone 7 with iOS 13.3.

iPhone X is supported, so no reason you shouldn’t be able to log in.

Have you changed your account password since you last used the iPhone? It’s possible that the game app has stored your old password. An uninstall / reinstall should purge that.

Did you change your in-game username or email address at any point?

Something else - rather than tabbing your way from the username field to the password field, you might want to touch the password field with your fingertip. Tabbing can introduce an extra space on iOS.

iPhone XR iOS 13.3

Thinking I might need to uninstall the app and reinstall it?

Thanks for the tip - I’ll give it a go and post back if I get any joy

You may know that Apple introduced security features with iOS v 13.0 that broke a lot of apps. During the reinstall & startup process - allow the folder permissions the Zwift app asks for, and you should have no issues.

Thanks Shuji - I went through the security (as you said) and I went back into the app. It wouldn’t allow me to login (same message as before, incorrect password or username) so I tapped on sign in as another user, I manually input my username and password and voilà = success!

Thanks to Paul as well - the community help here has been excellent. Cheers Gents👌
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