Zwift + WahooKickr Snap User Error?

Hi Zwift Community!

I currently am using a WahooKickrSnap and using Zwift for my indoor rides. However, I have noticed a very significant difference to pedaling on just the Wahoo App versus when I start a ride on Zwift. I will be on a mid-sized gear on my road bike and as soon as I log into Zwift with a 0% elevation it suddenly feels like I am riding my bike through mud. This has made me feel rather unmotivated to use my trainer because it just doesn’t feel right and not sure if someone 1) has a solution and 2) can share the crazy troubles of indoor riding.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Is this on the log in screen or when your avatar is on the road?

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My avatar is on the road.

Do you have your weight and Hight set correctly in the Zwift. (check the units kg or Lb)

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Yes, I do! I have it correct :slight_smile:

What kind of computer are you using to run Zwift and what connection mode (Bluetooth or ANT+)? If the connection is not solid the control can be poor, way off, or not working.

Please see this thread at the start of the Bugs and Support category which gives you a list of the info to include that will help us help you solve the issue. More information is needed to get to the root of the problem. With that, the community usually help you get to a good solution. I went through a lot of startup problem with my Wahoo Kickr Snap and together with the help of the community we got it all solved. We’ll get you there, just need more info.

I vaguely recall having a similar problem when I started using my KickrSnap several years ago. I can’t recall the solution – it may have had something to with Erg mode and/or getting one good calibration using the Wahoo App.

Noted. I actually don’t even run Zwift on my computer, I do it through my iPhone. The Zwift Platform is up to date on my iPhone. Not sure what else there is to add. I do the spindown via Wahoo as well, not a spindown on Zwift (not sure if you can do that).

Interesting, I turned Erg Mode off because in previous instances with doing training sessions/workouts made on Zwift, erg mode was just insanely difficult. Come to think of it, it feels like as soon as a I pedal it goes into Erg Mode…similar feeling.

If it comes to you…let me know. I hate paying for things I can’t use especially since the colder months have arrived and I am dying to get back on my bike.

Even now, when I first get on my bike and pedal while the sensors connect, I sometimes find it difficult to pedal until I actually start a new ride. I haven’t tried to investigate why. I’ve just assumed it happens when I’ve stopped the previous ride on a hill, and the trainer still thinks I’m going uphill.

Hopefully you can clear up the issue enough to get started. As I said, I vaguely remember solving my initial problems by calibrating (and re-calibrating) the trainer. I believe there is even an “advanced” spin-down mode – perhaps that’s what did the trick for me. I just remember a sudden break-through when I could pedal much more easily. Don’t give up.