Zwift unstable

Please correct zwift , since 1.41 version , it is a real pain
Several internet connections lost
And tacx connection lost

I never had any problems before the both release

In last ride, I lost about 10 to 15 times tacx connections

Can you give more detail about what’s actually happening along with a bit more detail of your setup?

My setup is a tacx 2240
A check , if I was the last firmware from Garmin and the answer is yes

When i ride, a few times, I lost the internet 🛜 connection.
I had this bug regulary since version 1.41 .
Before that, I never had the problem .
I tried to unconnected my router more than 15 minutes , result: same problems.

Since a few days, another problem
Zwift lost the connexion with the tacx ( rpm, speed etc) more than 10 times.
But my heart rate, is still connected.
I just stop to ride the ventop, because it lost to much time tacx connection

If you lose internet connection it shouldn’t affect the link between Zwift and your trainer.

What happens if the other riders on screen disappear until the connection is restored.

If you are losing both internet and connection to your trainer it sounds like your hardware devices are failing.

What device are you running Zwift on and how are you connecting each of your devices? BT or Ant+ eg?

If your trainer is ANT+ how close is the dongle to your trainer. You generally need the dongle quite close to the trainer by using an extension lead.

I do not use ant+
Only Bluetooth

I do not lose both on the same time

The device connected, is my heart rate strap and t2240 smart flow
In the next month, I will ride with tacx training. If I do not lose anything.
I expect the bug coming from zwift

2 weeks ago, during a training, I asked the question
Some wrote me the same bug,
And answer with the same version 1.41 and 1.42

Like, I wrote, I never had a problem before 1.41 version

I always use them with iPad Pro.
I reboot my iPad, it does not change anything

Have you tried clearing the cache on your iPad? I was having issues (specifically in Makuri) and after clearing my internet history the issue stopped completely.

Thanks Nigel
I will try it


Hi Nigel
I made 2 ride with a clear cache, it seems working very well

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That is great to hear! I have added clearing the cache to my regular ’to do’ list, to keep Zwift running smoothly. I hope it continues to help for you, also.