Zwift unstable after power drop

After several months of Zwift working without any issues the last week or so I struggle to complete a ride without my avatar stopping and on the pairing screen all my devices say “No signal” . Okay so I’ve finally figured that I can get going again by unplugging the ANT+ stick, waiting 10 seconds then plugging it in. Sometimes this works and I can carry on.

However a number of times I can only go for a matter of seconds then my avatar stops and I’m not showing any devices connected on screen i.e. no power, no cadence and no heart rate. I go to the pairing screen and everything seems to be connected and working. If I start pedalling I can see the power. Now if I stop and click the ok button to close the pairing screen I can’t get my avatar moving. The only way to get the avatar moving is to be in the pairing screen, be pedalling then do some gymnastics leaning over to my computer and with my mouse click the OK button. I then get going again however I may go a few seconds or a few minutes before my avatar stops and I repeat the process.

The only way to make Zwift stable again is to quit and restart. Hopeless if I’m doing a group ride, however by this time the group is long gone.

So what’s changed? I note others in the Zwiftriders group on Facebook seem to be have dropout issues all of a sudden. Seems to me that Zwift becomes very unstable once you have a dropout.

And yes I have my ANT+ stick on an extension cable, in a plastic bag to keep sweat off, connected to Internet via household wiring then fibre. Done my best to minimize interference. i7 computer, nVidia 1050ti, Windows 7. Nothing else running on computer. This computer is a dedicated Zwift computer. I reinstalled Zwift a week ago.

Hi Nigel,

I do recommend this become a support ticket rather than a forum post, so I just created one for you. Much easier to troubleshoot that way.

Thanks. I was posting here to see if anyone else was having the same problem.

I’ve had the same problem this evening during a group workout which was a great shame as it negated all the previous effort. The hear rate was fine but the speed/cadence sensor kept dropping out seemingly after I eased up after a hard period. Could it be sensor proximity I wonder?