Zwift / Surface Pro / Tacx Flux

I have recently brought a Microsoft Surface Pro, it has built in Bluetooth LE and was able to quite easily connect my Surface to my Tacx Flux, it sees it as a Tacx Flux not a strange unnamed signal so all seems well on the Surface to Tacx side but when I then go to Zwift and try to select my trainer in my paired devices section Zwift doesn’t recognise the trainer in anyway. 

I am then having to then go back to using ZML to connect my Tacx to Zwift. Is there a simple way of having my Surface Pro push the signal to Zwift and avoid the ZML middle man link which seems redundant if the Surface Pro can connect to he Tacx?

The Tacx App appears to work directy in this way so seems odd that Zwift cant. Am I just missing something? 



You would need to use a ANT+ dongle in your Surface Pro. You cannot directly connect your trainer to Zwift running on a PC over Bluetooth .

Here is a good thread on it:


So it seems it’s a thing a lot of people want. The ant+ just looks like a get around not a solution. Perhaps I just need to be patient until Zeift can get it working on windows 10 without blowing out the previous windows operating system users.

I’ll use the ZML, just I find it drops out a lot so can get frustrating, that said I’ve seen that I should use airplane modes to help keep it up which I will do next time and see how that goes.

An ANT+ dongle with a USB extension is more stable and you eliminate the need for the ZML to bridge the BLE connections. This is much more than a work around, I would say it’s preferred.

I wouldn’t hold my breath on Zwift getting BLE directly to a PC anytime soon.

I might have a dongle kicking about so I’ll see what we get.

And yeah I realise software can be slow to update with new features such as these.

Cheers Paul.

Just attempted to connect my Surface Pro 4 to my Tacx and same issue.  Pretty disapointed