Cant connect my Microsoft Surface with my Tacx Flux S

i recently bought a Tacx Flux S and im trying now to connect it with my Surface which also has Bluetooth.
When i try to connect the Flux with the Surface via Bluetooth it says that there is a drive error. Will a ANT+ Dongle help me with my problem?

ANT+ is my preference, I see too many issue with BLE and Zwift running Windows.

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i see many ant+ dongle offers on amazon with a cable… can you explain me what that cable is for?

I agree with Paul, I have helped several people set up Zwift and every time switching to ANT+ solved the problem.

To get the dongle closer to the trainer/powermeter

LOL beat Paul to that one.

To get the ANT+ dongle as close to the trainer as possible so you get fewer drops and issues.

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My surface would be about 20 inches away from the trainer… would you still recommend the cable?

The cable can be added later, so if the Surface is that close I would give it a try and see how it goes.

sounds good thanks for the quick help!

Hi Tim,

I would say Yes, and if I didn’t try to beat Paul I would have given a better answer. LOL

So the cable does two things

  1. it brings the dongle closer to your trainer so that you don’t get interference from other devices.
  2. it move it away from your computer, the computer can also generate interference.

But you can always add a cable later As Paul said, if you want to test the dongle first.