Zwift stuck at login screen

(Marc Howells) #1



When launching the Zwift program I get the “Log in. Welcome back Marc” screen with a squirrel on a turbo, but nothing moved on from there. I am particularly frustrated as I literally just signed up to the paid service, so I’m currently wasting my money.

Please help.


Many thanks


(Paul Allen) #2

You might need to update Internet Explorer.

(Marc Howells) #3

Does the program use Internet Explorer then? 

I assumed it’s standalone software?

(Paul Allen) #4

The log on screen uses IE and you need to make sure it is up to date.

(Marc Howells) #5

Thank you Paul.

I tried to update Internet Explorer, but I couldn’t until I installed some windows updates. Did all these, re-launched Zwift and it worked!

So not sure if it was the windows update our the Explorer update, but it’s now sorted.