Log in problem

When I loaded Zwift I managed to get on & see the enviroment, however, no I just get the Log In landing page & there is no link to go any further, Please help, I need to train.


Hi Neil - it sounds like you’re logging into the dashboard on zwift.com. Look for the Zwift icon on your PC desktop or your Mac launchpad to launch Zwift.


Hi Scott - I have a ticket on this kind of thing as well.

Ticket #(29020) that Nick LaVeaux is kindly looking into for me.

I enter from the icon on my desktop as normal and it takes me to the landing screen, where it recognises me no problem

It then takes me the log in screen - I press the login button and it loads then says ‘Failed to login. Check Internet Connection’.

There is no issue with my internet connection - i have reset my router, uninstalled and reinstalled zwift and changed my password and it still comes up with the same message.

I have been using Zwift for a long time now and never had this issue before - Is there something else that needs to be done to rectify the problem ?

Thanks in advance


I solved this, I had Firefox set as my default browser. Changed to explorer & it sorted the issue, Neil.

I loaded Zwift on my new computer, and it seemed to load fine.  Closed the web page and tried to launch from the icon.  The Create an Account page comes up.  I try to click on the “Already Have an Account? Log in.” Doesn’t work.  Tried filling in all the fields, but never get the “Next” button at the bottom and trying Enter on the keyboard does not work either.  Reinstalled three times.  Same thing.  (PC, Win10, i7, GeForce GTX). Help!

@Eric: I see you already have a support ticket open for this, so we’ll help you further there.

Closing old thread.