Zwift stuck at squirrel screen

(Craig Hardy @Fawkirk (B)) #1

Installed Zwift on another laptop, but it sticks at the picture of the squirrel on a bike, with Login at the top, which is just writing on the picture and Welcome back Craig. The laptop can play the game Team Fortress no problem, so it isnt the specs of the laptop. Any suggestions

(ETHAN Stiles) #2

am having the same problem, though I’m just opening zwift on the same computer i always use.  help!

(Ted Amling) #3

same problem…

(ETHAN Stiles) #4

I submitted a ticket.  Am paying for this service so I expect it to work.  Alas, I had to just ride my smart trainer without any smarts today.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #5

Hi Craig,

Make sure you are updated to the latest version of Internet Explorer:

That should fix it.

(Scott) #6

Hi everyone - sorry if you’re experiencing problems with the new “Remember Me” function. If you’re running Windows, please make sure that you’re browser is IE 9+. The login screen uses the system browser and Zwift doesn’t fully early browser versions.

You can also try doing a right click and selecting “Reload” on the login screen to refresh the cache.

Please shoot us a support ticket if you continue to experience problems. Hope this gets you up and running!

(Tom M.) #7

stuck there too!!

don’t wanted to update anything but ride!

updating IE is a mess and not working for my now (Win 7)…

(Paul Allen) #8

Tom: if you want to ride you will need to update IE. It should not cause any issue and it will be safer to have a newer version on your computer. 

(Tom M.) #9

rode before since november and all worked fine…i use firefox for surfing, just don’t need another browser updating. 
in addition: windows doesn’t allow me to update because some other updates are missing, the can’t install the others.

(Paul Allen) #10

You should keep all parts of your computer up to date to keep yourself protected. 

You might need to reload your computer if you can’t get those other updates to install so you can get IE to version 9.

Another option would be to download Windows 10 and upgrade your PC. I have done this a few times without issue. After your computer to Windows 10 you will not have to reinstall anything and most if not all your settings should remain the same, no programs reinstall. 



(Ted Amling) #11

Well updating to IE 11 solved the problem for me.

(Bas van Vliet) #12

Oh come on! I missed two group rides already because I’m stuck at the login screen! And now I have to wait for a big windows update of an obsolete browser… Pfffff… I’m done for tonight. I’ll come back later. Very very disappointing. :-((((

(ETHAN Stiles) #13

updating my IE browser worked, per Scott B’s comment above.