Login Problems

I was not able to login this morning so I had to jumt to TrainerRoad to do my Workout. Additionally this costed me 1’100 XP Points on Zwift. Anybody esle had this Problem?

@Zwift: Is there a was to get these Points by Supprot? Here is the Strava Activity for this: https://www.strava.com/activities/486871945

With no login I was not able to post anything to Support, what is a pitty.

I don’t want to stop befor saying I LOVE ZWIFT #RideOn

Sorry! We had a little issue with our update this evening. It’s been resolved but the good news is that we added the long awaited “remember me” login feature!

Hi - after using the Remember Me option Zwift no longer loads - I get a Welcome Back screen but nothing else (PC, Win7) – all updates seem complete – any ideas?  I just signed up too after the trial period and disappointed I can’t #rideon  :-(    Thanks

Got the same problem too (PC, Win7)!


As a work around I logged into the PC as a new user then launched Zwift - this let me enter my Zwift details again.  Not ideal, but I’m sure there’s a fix just around the corner  :-)      Got an issue with BLE no longer working correctly (was fine yesterday) - but I’ll log that elsewhere on the forums.

Have the same problem !

I resolve it my deleting the pref.xml in my documents/zwift folder.


Same here (win7 64bit pro).

Deleting the pref-xml resolves the problem for one start. The next start shows the same issue: No buttons (Login - Switch User) are shown on the welcome back screen.

Hi everyone - sorry if you’re experiencing problems with the new “Remember Me” function. If you’re running Windows, please make sure that you’re browser is IE 9+. The login screen uses the system browser and Zwift doesn’t fully early browser versions.

You can also try doing a right click and selecting “Reload” on the login screen to refresh the cache.

Please shoot us a support ticket if you continue to experience problems. Hope this gets you up and running!

“Reload” has no effect but installing IE11 solves the problem for me. 

@Scott B.: Thanks for your help!