New login screen not visible buttons

(L M [X]) #1

There is a bug in your new login screen.




.net 4.5.2

Tryed with different resolutions

Tryed with old and new look (windows)

hitting tab+enter a bunch of times will make it login+wrong username 

(kinda work around)

posted on facebook in Zwift riders by me Lars-M.

(L M [X]) #2

when hoovering with mouse the gray area is visible for 1 button

(Luka Oraze KKKK) #3

The same with me. Can’t login and start the game.

Administrators please help

(Pelle Gulbrandsen [V] SUB) #4

yes fix this. have been restarting and updating windows for the last 60min to fix this. going to reinstall zwift and NOT USE the remember me button

(Scott) #5

Hi everyone - sorry you’re experiencing problems. If you’re running Windows, please make sure that you’re browser is IE 9+. The login screen uses the system browser and Zwift doesn’t fully early browser versions.

Please shoot us a support ticket if you continue to experience problems. Hope this gets you up and running!

(Pelle Gulbrandsen [V] SUB) #6

OK thanks. Updated all in windows, but did not go from IE9 to IE10+. will try this tonight.

Reinstall of Zwift and removal (renaming) old folder did the trick too. its the remember me box and new login screen that screws it up on my computer.

(Luka Oraze KKKK) #7

Update to IE10 worked for me


(L M [X]) #8

Update of IE fixed this problem (shoud have been legacy support)