Zwift, Stryd Iphone XR

I use my stryd foot pod and zwift on my iphone XR when I run at the gym,
it seems that the iphone need to be freshly rebooted to be able to pair zwift and the stryd in bluetooth.
After that if zwift app go in background (sadly far too easily as the app change bar is at the bottom of the
screen where the zwift menu bar is too) or if you quit zwift/endrun and try to go back to zwift it doesn’t
find the stryd bluetooth anymore, your avatar is stuck waiting at the side of the road … and you are stuck until you reboot your iphone again.

It is a big pain in the ass and it has often make me miss run or break my run (I don’t reboot/restart a new run when I am at 4k in my 5k … can’t join back the event …)

Hi Cyrille,

Rather than going through the trouble of force closing the Zwift app and restarting your whole phone, have you tried navigating to the Pairing screen from the “Pause” Menu, and then pressing the button to UNPAIR your footpod? Then try pairing it again and see if it re-establishes the BLE connection.