Zwift stop pairing


I use to use Zwitt (Windows 10, Tacx Flux) without problems until this week when it stop pairing. When I start the program it goes to pairing screen but bluetooth  icon seems to be disabled. I waste hours restarting, spinning and so on and nothing happens.

In the same time when I press “Just watch” button and enter the game and them press A key to pair I see bluetooth icon blinking and now it is OK.

But I cannot return to the start screen them. I tried Android tablet and IOS phone - the same problem appears.

I have the exakt same problem, but I’m on a iPhone and a Mac with Tacx Neo. My bluetooth is also disabled, but both devices are on the same network. 

I have tried restarting the computer, reinstall Zwift, but nothing works. I have also tried to change from using the mobile link app, to use the bluetooth in the computer, and then it pairs but I get a no signal when it does pair. 

Any suggestions on how to solve this problem?

I have the same problem with the ant+ pairing.

Saw this thread. I’ve tried it right now for just a brief moment and it seems like the workaround is working.

So I’ve tried the workaround a bit more, and it doesn’t work at all. I keep losing connection after 30 sec or so. It does pair, but when I start cycling it just loses connection again.  

I am having the same problem, its doesn’t matter if its on my iphone or my computer it either won’t connect or it will connect and then lose the connection 30 seconds into the workout.I’m at a loss.

Same problem here. I’m using the Kurt Kinetic inride system.  The Zwift program does not recognize that the phone is connected to wifi.

Same problem here with wahoo kickr snap and Windows 10 and iPhone, thanks zwift for this shit update everythings works perfect before, I will stop to use zwift, man when Something work why do you put an update …???




To add enhancements, performance and security to just name a few reason that Zwift is updated. There will be bugs along the way, as there is will all programs that are updated.

Paul nobody can test the update before just in case. Zwift doen’t work and the price per month yes works perfectly and up…



I’m riding right now so I don’t have my notes with me. I️ had same type of problem and think I resolved it by editing the prefs.xml file. Open the file in a text editor. Not a word processing program. Look for a tag in the confit block. Something like preferred-native-ble. Mine was set to 1, I changed to 0. Restarted Zwift and lo and behold it worked. Make sure zwift is closed when editing. It might over write your changes upon restart. Just saying.

It is <PREFER_NATIVE_BLE>0</PREFER_NATIVE_BLE> in my config. This is not a solution.