Connecting Device


I have been Zwifting for a while now and all of a sudden I cannot connect my devices to Zwift (Kickr Snap / Wahoo cadans / wahoo heart tickr)

  • it does not fund any of the devices, not on my Mac, iPhone or iPad.

-I updated all latest software for IOS and Zwift, rebooted my computer.

  • Have no connection with Zwift “open” on any other phone or computer

  • switched blue tooth on and off

And nothing works…:frowning:

I did manage to connect all the devices to trainenrroad, but I dont want to switch.

Please help me out here.





Same Problem here with Tacx Bushido smart!

It paired when I first got into the Imac App but quickly lost connection now its no possible to pair the device anymore

I connect via ANT+ btw