Zwift Steering on Wattbike Atom Spiral of Death

I’ve actually stopped using Bluetooth to connect my Atom for now and have gone back to ANT+. Yes, it means I lose the on-screen gear identifier, but if it means I don’t have to worry about accidentally touching the top buttons, or going invisible to my fellow riders, I’ll do it for now until the full issue is resolved.

Thank the lord for this forum… I thought I was going mad with my Atom and now I read this… had just spent 20 minutes logging on with steering disabled and enabled and can confirm if you disable it in the pairing screen at the start, no one can see you


One thing though, does this become an issue in an event when steering is auto switched off?

Turns out that if you deselect the steering option on the Wattbike you end up riding completely alone in any world on any ride type.
Whilst I appreciate the release was for the Wahoo bike it is impacting the Wattbike community and you should have tested it before releasing it.
A bug fix is needed quickly to prevent further impact to users.


Just finished a training ride and I’m sure I never touched the red button of circular death. Yet within sight of the finish I did that u-turn and circled my way over the finish line. NOT HAPPY. Sorry should have said I have a watt bike atom. Guess an update to watt bike is needed? Can anyone help in how you disable the top red left button.

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Hey Kevin,
You can deselect the steering option in the Bluetooth pairing screen when you log in. Only issue is this will mean that you will end up riding completely alone with nobody else visible.
Depending on the ride I have done this a few times over the past few weeks so I didn’t get the spiral of death just before the finish line of a long ride.
They definitely need to deploy a quick bug fix for this.

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This works to an extent, but in my case my Avatar remains invisible to everybody else. Which means that I cannot race or do Team Time Trials. Is it really the cadre that Wattbike have been completely silent and totally useless on this issue? Its difficult to believe but seems to be the case.

Hi David

Is your issue fixed? My avatar remains invisible to others no matter what I do. I would like to know if this is specific to my Wattbike, or whether others continue to suffer.

Best regards


Not really, I’ve ended up using an ant+ dongle which does work. Lost patience with the Bluetooth

It doesn’t seem to thankfully.

Experienced this today after only having my Wattbike Atom a couple of days. Just playing around with buttons on left stick and pretty certain I hit the red button on top, and this sent me in to the most crazy spin which I couldn’t get out of!

Very disappointing that there’s still no acknowledgement or fix to this. It’s clear that these issues have come from the update involving adding steering to the Kickr bike and accidentally to Wattbikes. Surely you could just roll back this update? Very few people are actively using the steering or eben care about it. You can see this by how empty all the FutureWorks Steering races are. What people do care about is being invisible to everyone else, ruining the WTRL races along with countless others and ending up in an endless loop. This should not have taken over a month to fix, let alone even acknowledge and is really tainting people’s experience of Zwift. @shooj

Hi, I got back into my zwifting again last night, first time since December and had this issue as well. I have the first generation Atom. If you press the red left hood top button, it sends you into a constant anti clockwise spin. Are Zwift looking at a fix for this?

Thanks, Steve

Just started Zwift and there’s an update, downloaded and when the Atom was paring to the sensors via Bluetooth the steering was visible but didn’t connect automatically this time. Started the ride, all looks good, if you go into settings and then paring and select steering it doesn’t t seem to find the Atom now.
Could it be that now the Atom is disabled while it’s fixed?
Off the look at the releases notes.

Can’t see any mention of Wattbike Atom, only steering mention is:

Last month’s update allowed Wahoo KICKR Bike riders to steer using the bike’s buttons, on every bit of Zwift road except the Repack Ridge singletrack. Today’s update opens up Repack to KICKR bike riders
zwiftinsider.con / update-1-0-63185/

Looks like we need to wait.

No update from Wattbike support to their initial response:
support.wattbike.con / How-to-disable-the-steering-function-on-Zwift
I did find on zwiftinsider a page on wattbike-steering-bug don’t think there’s anything new.

There is a mention of:

  • Fixed a bug that would cause users to do a u-turn or donuts

in the bug fixes section, but it does not explicitly say it is to do with the Wattbike Atom problem. It might be, but with Zwift’s notoriously vague release notes, you’re never sure…