ZWIFT Spin Bike Help

Hi Everyone

New to ZWIFT and biking overall but I need to get in shape and no better time than now!

I have recently purchased a Progression Club 40 spin bike and so far I love it.
One issue I am having is that the speed doesn’t seem to match anywhere near what I am actually producing

I have been told 3 different things so I am hoping that I can get this narrowed down to 1

  1. power meter pedals
  2. speed sensor
  3. cadence sensor (or a speed/cadence sensor)

I’ll be honest, I have no idea what cadence means. Ideally I just want to be able to bike around on ZWIFT and have the speed match what I am doing. Will also probably dive into the Peloton app for some other workouts

Thanks in advance!

@Mitchel_D_Amo unfortunately Zwift will rarely match the speed your spin bike computer is showing. That is because your spin bike doesn’t know your weight, what slope you are riding, etc. For more info see this thread:
How Does Zwift Determine My Speed? - Bugs and Support - Zwift Forums

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Thank you, that makes sense for sure
With that being said - is it semi accurate or should I not even waste my time with it?

If it’s not a supported trainer it is most likely not very accurate. Without known wattages or a known power curve (supported trainer) it’s pretty much a guess on your speed in game.

If you are just using Zwift to free ride/exercise or group rides it’s not a big issue. But if you are entering races I’d suggest getting a supported trainer (or at least a power meter) so your numbers are accurate.

I’d have recommended these power meter pedals as the standard for good value & quality – but now with the additional note that pandemic shortages seem to have driven the prices up:

Here’s one source to read about them:

Cadence is how fast you’re spinning the pedals, so the rpm that the pedals are doing. Cadence is really an optional thing, and doesn’t have anything to do with how fast you’re moving down the road in Zwift.

That’s good to know - I guess that means the most important thing here for actually using the ZWIFT app would be either the power meter pedals or a speed sensor.

I am not looking to do the Tour De France or anything crazy - just looking for a fun way to exercise and get into shape. With that being said, I think the speed sensors would be less “effective” but must less costly

Does this spin bike already transfer the speed to Zwift via bluetooth? If so, an additional speed sensor will do you no good, and you probably won’t be able to install it on the bike anyway (too many plastic covers in the way and the flywheel isn’t anything like a bike wheel).

To get accurate power, you will need a pedal based power meter, assuming the thread on the crank arm is standard so the pedals will fit.