Wahoo speed sensor on spin bike

Hi as in the title, I have the wahoo cadence and speed sensors, the cadence sendor is fine(it’s crank near pedal on Inside as per instructions), but the speed sensor i can’t onto the wheel ori side wheel hub or shaft (not sure if correct name), so cant get correct wattage output if on the crank olso. I did place in somewhere might hv been on the bit that joins the pedal shaft the spin bike not the long bit the joins the peddle to this bit it just fits between shaft and bike covering, once I got higher wattage and was doing around 30kmh was peddling quite fast so couldv been right, but now can’t get past 28w output and 6kmh,
Hooe this makes sense to someone, could exained it easier

Hi @Paul_Hannan, welcome to the forums.

Spin bikes are generally not compatible with zwift for the exact reason you are describing, speed and cadence sensors are not designed to fit on spin bikes, they are designed for real bikes.

Your best bet, however an expensive one, is getting a power meter pedal. You will want to make sure it will fit first before making the investment. If the spin bike has standard size threads for the pedal then it should work.

Even if you do get the speed and cadence sensor rigged up to work, the accuracy will be suspect. That might not matter to you, but be aware.


Good advice from @Mike_Rowe_PBR.

I would add even if you get the speed sensor on there, Zwift wont know at what resistance you have the Spin bike set at so Zwift wont be able to calculate your power.


Hi thanks for the Info, I did get it working but send like it was slightly fast, I was doing about 30 kmh, but was peddling at8 about 80-90rpm,i know it cant measure the resistance but sonething seemed to be working, just ca t remember where I put it, could I not stick to the wheel or will I always get a false reading as I’m on a spin bike

You will always get a false reading unfortunately. Zwift needs to have a power curve for each trainer that they support that uses speed and cadence sensors, and they don’t support spin bikes because as Gerrie said they don’t know what resistance you have set with the dial. This post should help to explain it.


OK thanks will look for a different app on I. A free trial anyway, but will keep checking jyst case someone gets a workaround. Thanks for your help

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Power pedals is a good option.

I converted my Wife’s spin bike using a stages left power crank arm. Total cost was about $160.00 with all the parts I had lying around.

Unfortunately without the program knowing the resistance there will be no app that will be able to be accurate.

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