Spin bike, not enough Watts, everyone passes

New to Zwift, have spin bike “Nero Sports Bluetooth Upright Exercise Bike Indoor Studio Cycles Aerobic Training Fitness Cardio Bike” wanted small footprint

Everyone passes me, I cannot really find anyone at my pace. I know unfit but even on no resistance (contact pad) I hope would be little competitive.

on the flat at 90rpm, produces 80w and about 25kmh. 110 rpm, is about as fast as I can go, is still under 100w so even someone super fit cannot really go much faster and others fly by.

Of course no gears so I do wonder how this could ever work & compare to others but seen youtube of people doing OK but think with pedal power meters (not going to spend that sort of money) and assume this is the BIG difference.

I added a wahoo cadence as others said useful.
In my case I guess it works out the power from just wheel speed as just on the sensor on the wheel housing, the extra cadence does not seem to increase speed but useful info.

Is it simply there is not enough data & no settings anywhere I could try.
When pairing it links the bike for power, the wahoo for cadence, it also then auto adds Controllable (the bike sensor) not sure why.
I use the companion app on android as seems to connect more reliably.

I knew it would have limitations & not accurate/allowed for racing etc, I would just like to ride routes and keep up with some riders for motivation.
If this is the best I can do have to accept, but if I can improve settings somehow I would like to.

Wondered about a heart meter for power (or additionally) not sure if that would help. Does say big delay, again can’t be fussy I know.

Seems to me, if you are not racing it would be acceptable/handy to be able to adjust the bikes sensor so wheel speed can be manually adjusted to up the watts. As far as I can tell people can input small wheel sizes, weight etc and make quite a difference.
I did reduce my weight but did not help much.

Enclosed wheel but is there another sensor I could add. Could I replace the one on the bike for one that might adjustable. is says FS-672046, I assume a cheap generic one.

sorry for the long question.

For the most part spin bikes are not supported within Zwift. If you want accuracy with them you would need to get pedal based power meter.



I do see quite a lot of people that do use them, appreciate not very accurate without power meters, some of the club bikes I seem to use cadence and the resistance control (I guess magnetic) to adjust power watts and this goes up to a reasonable level (seen on youtube)
I think my bike actually uses just cadence and works speed out from that and then estimates power.
Looking at my Wahoo add-on cadence it is the same as the bikes so annoyingly bought it because others had said it helped with measurements but realize pointless now.

What I think I need is a speed sensor and then use this speed & find a trainer that is quite close.

Zwift won’t recognize the bikes OWN sensor as speed, only power.
Not sure if I can get a speed sensor without going on a hub as of course spin does not have a hub.