Can’t get above 85W

Feeling really frustrated that I can’t seem to get above 85W however hard I pedal or what the resistance is set to! Tried to join a group cycle today for ‘beginners’ but was left so far behind, most cyclists were well into their 2nd circuit whilst I was still only half way on my first :confused:. Not fun being the very last rider, way behind everyone else. Just felt a bit pointless joining a group as felt I was still riding alone :disappointed_relieved:. Not to mention embarrassing :flushed:

Can you give a full rundown of your setup so we can better assist you.

Hi Paul, thank you for answering. I’ve got a Nero sports Bluetooth spin bike. The Bluetooth connects from the LCD display

Not seeing that bike on the list of supported trainers and that probably why you are having issues: Indoor Bikes

Thank you for looking into this Paul. Looks like I’ll have to cycle alone and at my own slow pace :confused:

Or see if you can mount a speed sensor on it.

Been looking at this one? Do you know if this would be any good?

I don’t know about that specific brand but I have read that speed sensors are not generally compatible with spin bikes because they are meant to be mounted on hubs which spin bikes don’t have. See article below.

So while you can try a speed sensor it will not likely be accurate. The only way to get accurate power on a spin bike is with a power meter. Power meter medals are the easiest option (though expensive), but you can also try power meter cranks if you’re mechanically inclined.

Thank you Lebasi, just want to get sorted as a waste of money paying for a Zwift subscription if data produced not accurate or I can’t keep up with anyone :confused:

If you want accurate data them you will need power meter pedals (if the spin bike use standard pedal thread)

A speed sensor will also not be accurate.