Zwift And Spin Bike Support Pls

While riding in Zwift on the Magnetic Spin bike, low power rates appear on the screen even though I use a lot of power. Is it because I have a magnetic spin bike that I encounter such a problem? Otherwise I stay at very low speeds on Zwift in places that I normally think are really fast.

For example; On a 2% slope, which I turn really strong, my speed remains low as my watt values are around 50-60. Even though I normally put in the effort, I can’t go fast on the road on Zwift.

PS: Yesoul Spin Bike S

Zwift more or less believes whatever power numbers the bike sends. Your bike doesn’t have a power meter and does not know your power. Almost all spin bikes are too cheap to have a power meter. Have you experimented with different cadences? Try spinning slower and faster and see what happens to the power numbers.

Even when I put in serious effort and turn it at the heaviest pedal level, I see 100 watt values. Maybe the maximum was 120 watts.

There is not much change in cadence when I press too fast or too slow. Even if I turn it very fast at a low difficulty level (for a spin bike), nothing changes. In fact, my avatar almost stops.

Financially, I cannot buy a pedal with a power meter. Or any other additional equipment. So what adjustments can I make to complete the courses without participating in races?

You might want to talk to @Roberto_Viola about using the QZ app as a bridge. (

I would be very grateful if anyone could help with this issue.

Send me an email to Roberto.viola83 at and I will help you

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I sent an e-mail. Thank you very much.

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With the QZ application and Roberto’s help, I started to obtain much more normal data. Thank you for your help.