Zwift shutting down, twice in two weeks I have lost my rides! Not good! Pro riders overloading the servers?

Twice in two weeks Zwift has just shut down and I ended up on my home screen of my iPad. When I go back onto Zwift it tells me that my ride was interrupted and if I want to continue and I say yes then it just starts my ride over and I have no data. 


If the Zwift app “shut down” on your iPad I would think the issue is with your iPad not Zwift servers. If it was am issue with Zwift servers you would fall to connect/logon/no roads to ride error not the app shutting down.

Make sure you have restarted your iPad and also close any apps you are not using when you riding in Zwift. 

You should be able to find your fit file on the iPad and manually upload it to Strava.

We just made an email ticket for you from this thread, so keep an eye on your email for more troubleshooting steps. Thanks!