Fix for lost iPad rides

After losing 4 Zwift rides done on the iPad, I’ve found a fix!

On the iOS device, go to Settings>iTunes & App Store>

Next, tap on your Apple ID>View Apple ID

Then, Subscriptions>Zwift>Cancel Subscription  


You can continue to use the app until the end of the billing cycle which should give enough time to establish a Training Peaks or Trainer Road type account.


Yes, that’s harsh…but, the iOS implementation doesn’t work and is not supported.  I gave up on trying to get the app to send my rides to Strava and just download the .fit file.  When the app can’t even save the ride “in app” it fails all measure of usefulness in any training program.

The iOS version is a neat toy, but that’s all it is…a toy.  It’s certainly not a reliable part of a training plan.


Peace out!  


Looks like your partial rides were short rides and I am guessing that is why they didn’t upload to Strava.

Less than 2 hours of riding is not giving Zwift much of a chance.

If you are unhappy with the iOS, use the PC or Mac app.

But if you are hell bent on leaving Zwift so be it.

I’ve had 4 rides that have simply disappeared and may or may not show up as partial credit in the logs.  Last night I rode a bit over an hour, and when I pressed “End Ride” the program logged .1 miles.  There was no indication of the lost ride until it was over. It’s been more than just 2 hours lost, but enough for me to see it as problem.

They aren’t in my profile on the computer or iPad, I have no idea where they went,

I have 2 races and just lost an 2 hour 39 mile ride on my iOS. 


Im not happy. There needs to be a internal backup somehow of the data. So you can send it to Strava.



if you plug your i-device into your computer and open up the Zwift app in your itunes library you can download all of your data to your computer.  Look for the activity files labelled .fit and these can then be uploaded to strava


Last two rides (60k each) - had the ipad freez…

It “cost” me 4.5k and 11.2k.

Tried this morning to use the fit file from the ipad, and it states the upload was malformed…

I am frustrated from it freezing like that - I can’t ride like that, when the system is unstable and i’m losing parts of my workout.


EDIT - i managed to upload a partial file from my zwift, through my pc…