iOS Bug


I’m using the official iOS version and while cycling the energy has run out. Zwift get lost (as expected) and now with everything back, it warns me about an unfinished activity (what is awesome), but when I click YES or NO to start pedaling it freezes and stay playing zwift song without do anything. 

Andre, thanks for reporting this. We’ve seen it a couple of times in testing but still haven’t been able to track it down.  We’re going to try and fix it in the next few weeks - most of the time it works - sometimes it hangs.  

In the meantime, you should be able to get your fit file off the device using iExplore or iTunes, which ZwiftBlog has done a good job explaining here

In our next update we’ll have a much easier way to get the .fit files off the device after a situation like this happens again.

Hi, I’m just new to the iOS on Zwift, and I find that it is very buggy. It works for a while, then stops. When I try to log back in, it won’t let me. I have deleted the app and re installed it twice, each time it works for a while then stops again. Can you please give me some advice on it. The software on my phone is up to date.

What do you mean it is ‘very buggy’?  What specifically stops working for you?  The app goes away?  The watts go to 0?

Hi John, The app works for a while then all the riders disappear along with all the readout on the right side of the screen. So I stop the ride, as I know that something is wrong. It’s like losing internet connection, but the connection is fine. When I go to log back in, it just says" whoa you can’t log in with this account. Yet when I delete the app and re install it it logs in straight away. I hope that I have explained it John.

I have used it to watch other riders up to the last half hour and it seems to be working , so fingers crossed that it has resolved itself. I’ll keep you updated on the problem Jon.

Internet stability is often what triggers a temporarily disconnect, and it seems our iOS version of Zwift has a tougher time reconnecting to our servers.  This is something we’re actively trying to improve.

In the meantime, try make sure you’ve got a solid wifi signal where you ride if you can, and ‘swipe kill’ the zwift app before each session just to start in a 100% fresh state.   The swipe kill shouldn’t be necessary, but it’s just one thing to eliminate as a possible cause of issues.

Thanks Jon, It seems to be working alright now. My wi fi connection is very good, I rarely have any problems with it. I have been using Zwift for over a year now and have loved every minute of it. Keep up with the good work.