Zwift running workout: "nanmph"?

I’m in the middle of the “Cyclist to 10K” running workout plan on Zwift. I went to start my next workout tonight (using the iOS app in conjunction with a Zwift Pod and HR strap on my treadmill). For some reason, when I start the workout, it says to set the treadmill to “nanmph” instead of a number for all of the segments. I’ve highlighted the problem with red circles in the screenshot.

Anyone know what the problem is or how to correct it? I tried recalibrating my Zwift Pod, but that didn’t fix it. Rebooting the phone, restarted the app, even rebooted my Garmin watch which is transmitting the data. Now if I don’t do a workout and just do a free run, it shows the MPH just fine and my speed and everything is working fine. It’s just int the workout that this problem appears, and it’s the next workout too so I know it’s not just this particular one.

Workout paces are based on paces set on your profile. Check that you have valid data in your pace settings on your athlete screen. This might be based on (as example) a 10k pace that you have no data for.

Yep. Add unit tests to the definition of done. :laughing:

Cf. NaN - Wikipedia

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Strangely, the 10k pace time was reset to 0, but the rest of the pace times (including the 10K) were still there. Not sure how that happened since I’m 9 workouts in and the 10k pace was there before. At any rate, thanks everyone!