Pace target in workout way off - how to reset

I’m new to Zwift Running. I think at the beginning I was asked my frequency of running and selected “confirmed”. I run 3-4 times a week, usually outside.
Today I tried running on zwift for the first time, Zwift 101. For “what is my body doing”, it is asking me to run at 22km/h!! My treadmill can’t go pass 18km/h and anyway my pace/mile is more around 17. A comfortable run will be between 10 and 11km/h.

How do I reset those predefined paces to something more aligned to me? I did find in my profile an area to enter my time for 1 mile, 5km, 10km and HM but this didn’t change the pace target in the workout. Help :slight_smile:

I have the same question - I did the 5k test, it updated my 1mile, 5k, 10k, etc times /paces - my normal running speed is about10kph.

I signed up for the cyclist to 10k plan, and in the first workout the paces are slow enough to walk the whole workout.

I tried an individual workout and the paces were accurate.

Seems like this is still an issue even now. I just posted a similar question on the Running Academy forum. Long story short, I averaged 7.7mph on my 5K test but the workouts are saying my 5K pace is 7mph and its giving me that for like 90s intervals. Same crap applies to my other paces… smh…

Hi there. Were you ever able to get this answered? I’m a newb and have the exact same question.