Zwift Academy Run Issues


Wondering if someone can help me. When I do an activity on the Zwift Academy run program the suggested speeds I run at are about 1.6km too slow (I’ve worked it out based on when it tells me I should be running at my 5km pace but I’m way under). If I do a non-academy training activity the suggested speeds are correct and based on my 5km pace.

Consequently, I am running the academy activities twice: once within the speeds suggested and then a second time at the speed I should be running.

Am I doing something wrong? What are the academy run suggested pace based on if not your actual 5km run pace?


It talks about your 5km pace but uses your 10km pace (I think…)

As Ricky said, there was a mistake when creating the workouts of the academy… so instead of your 5k paces they’re using you 10k paces.
Tip: if your 5k PB is for example 20’, put into your 10k PB something like 40’-41’ or a bit slower, then you should be fine!

Thanks, I’ll edit the 10km run pace and give that a go tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

Oh wow… This explains a lot why those academy workouts feel so easy…

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That fixed the problem. Thanks for the help.

Hi - I’m having the same issue. Where can I update my 5k / 10k time like you’ve recommended above. Sorry very new to Zwift so struggling to find this section. Thanks

There might be another location, but I edit mine by selecting a training program and when you view the program (under the graph) there is an option to EDIT PACES. Hope that helps.

just came across this and while its almost done, good to know the 5K paces are inexplicably set using the 10K pace which I had never set… lol.

No wonder my workouts were so easy. I kept having to raise the intensity on every single workout.