New runner advice!

I’m new to Zwift and downloaded a running training plan.
In the plan it gives you distances at a set pace to run at - is there a way I can adjust the paces to suit my ability or can I can tell it what my 5k pace is and it automatically adjusts what pace it asks ?


You can chance your running speed in your profile in the menu

Aloha and run on!!

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There’s the manual way above, or you can just go for an initial 5k run and it will automatically set some paces from that run as a starting point. From there, as you improve your times, it is updated.

I think (but I could be wrong) that training paces are based on your 10k time. So I’d start by putting in a plausible number for that.

There is also the option to adjust in the workout screen. The bias can be adjusted + - 10% depending on if you’re having a good or bad day. This will reset to 0% next time you run.