Incorrect pace setting for me - how to adjust

I’m currently doing the 3 Run 13.1 training plan but its a bit too slow pace wise - is there any way of increasing it ?

I would like to know this too.
Or if I run faster than it suggests during the workout will it then adjust paces for future runs up?

My OT is also doing this plan and she was finding it a bit easy too. What she did was reduce her hm time on Zwift from 3hrs to 2.40 and the plan adjusted her paces to suit. She’s also found the plan altered her hm time after the 5k time trial. HTH

Thanks Kevin. I think I’ll try that. I’m reluctant to do an extra 5k time trial as I’m prone to injury if I overtrain so don’t want to add in an extra workout as I’ve already started the plan. So I’ll see if I can change the predicted times instead.

Hi Mairi, she didn’t do anything extra, there’s a 5k trial as part of the plan :slight_smile::+1:

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