Run 5k time

As far as I understand, besides the bike FTP for the Tri Academy starting 11.11 one needs as well the best 5K time. What’s the best way to do this? Should one just go out and try to do a 5k as fast as possible or is there some sort of protocol similar to what we have for FTP?

After we get this value, where do we enter it in Zwift?

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Great question. I’m curious as well. I’m just doing a 10k TT on the treadmill to get my baseline today then plugging it in. I think there is a place in the menu area to do so or maybe it’s in the workout area :thinking:

So I did a little sleuthing this afternoon and if you go to workouts then choose a workout then in the bottom right hand corner choose edit paces you can change your paces for different distances. I am not sure if there is a better or faster way but that seems to be the way that I found

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Thanks for sharing that. The interface sometimes drives me nuts.