Workout 1, strength development

I’ve finally got started with Tri Academy, 5k run race yesterday (with a miscalibrated run pod so my time was about 6 min slower than in real life) good workout though.
Today I did the first bike workout out, I found it really comfortable, not easy but comfortable! Should it feel like this? My FTP is correct, maybe I just suit low cadence work. I’m just wondering how everyone else found it.

Im right there with you. I found that workout is not that hard but as it should be since it targets HIM wattages.

I did the workout again but this time at the end of a long ride. While still not challenging per se I felt it complimented the long ride better than doing it solo. Might be worth a try

They seem to be getting harder as you go on. Yes, the first felt comfy. The third and the fourth make you put in effort. Match what I would expect for my ftp.