Training Paces for Zwift Academy Run

In the workout screen for running, there is an option to put in your times for various distances (1Mi, 5KM, 10KM, HM, M). These drive the paces for the workouts, but there isn’t any direction as to how these should be entered.

I currently have them set to my outdoor PRs. However, those PRs are set in ideal conditions (i.e., tapering, cool, low humidity, proper motivation, etc.) that I can’t match indoors on my treadmill.

Should I leave these times set as-is and hope that I can get through the training runs (or more likely, have a more intense workout than is intended for the session), or should I try to estimate what the equivalent times would be indoors?

They are based on times you’ve set in Zwift rather than manually inputting. Some people are quicker on a treadmill compared you outside, others not.

I would leave them as they are and if you find it too hard/easy you can increase or decrease the bias during the workout.

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