Problem with Zwift Workouts

Hi - I’m new to Zwift and wanted to try the free running option on treadmill to see if worth it before paying for cycling plan. I did the Zwift 101 introduction training plan easily and was impressed. I then tried to move onto the cyclist to 10km training plan, but when I come to do the workout it just said set treadmill to 0kph for the entire workout which wasn’t helpful. After a few attempts I ditched the plan and swapped to the 13.1 half marathon plan. The first workout was fine, but after that back to every workout showing fine in Zwift companion so I could see what I

would have to do, but as soon as I start workout it all goes to 0. I have screenshot my phone so have used the photo to show me what speeds to do, but frustrating as always getting messages to set speed to 0kph throughout workout and then afterwards it shows I haven’t followed the plan! Running 13.1km at 0 the whole way would be great but not get me fit!!! Any ideas as dont want to change plans again or lose any more data, but if this is not fixable I dont think I will bother with paying for the cycling plan when trainer bike arrives as basically still having to set me own pace when I cant remember the speeds it should be displaying. Any help gratefully received.

Hi, I have same issue, it seem to be the account problem. Cause I have 2 accounts on my appleTV, just one has that problem. And that account problem persist when loged in by other device (iphone). All are up to date 1.19.2