Workouts set to 0 kph?


My wife went to complete one of her training plan workouts today and found the plan was set to zero kph. This was the case for all running workouts, whether part of the plan or chosen from the workout section.

When we swapped to my account everything worked as normal. We swapped back to hers and the 0 kph persisted. Any ideas what the issue is?

PS I like this workout.

Does your wife’s account have the times entered in her profile for the various distances? Found under the birthdate

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Only some Sir,


previously she’s completed a number of training plans and it always gives her paces to run to.

Thank you Sir,

You put me on the right track. It seems for reasons neither of us understand it nuked her run times. She only had those two times showing on that screen shot. By clicking on the times in the PC version of Zwift, it allowed me options to manually add proposed times for running and offered suggested times based upon her performance in the past. Once these times were set. BINGO!

Thank you once again, I’ll leave this post up so others who find this issue have a workaround.

It’s best to set all of the Paces in your profile because even though Zwift made workouts use the 1mi Pace as the default, workouts that are imported from other workout builders can use different paces and if the pace isn’t set then it will show up with no speed