Zwift run pod pairs but avatar does not move

Yes, we have multiple accounts at home, often using them at the same time. I was finally able to get my avatar to move after switching to another apple TV.

Please help, it is quite frustrating, tried changing batteries, relaunching, etc… still avatar does not want to move . Thank you

Same issue!
Zwift detects de Pod but in calibration mode doesn´t detect no speed or movement.
The battery is new.
Any solution?

Same issue! Connects and pairs but the avatar doesn’t move. Also, there’s no “milestone” app anymore. Please help

My avatar runs… when I can get my pod to pair. Unfortunately, rarely can I even get the flippin’ pod to pair, and if I do it takes 20 minutes with lots of tries. By the time it pairs I am so frustrated I don’t even want to run. One of the many frustrations with Zwift. Please do better, Zwift.

FWIW I was having the same issue. One day without changing anything my Zwift runpod was still connecting but the avatar no longer moved. Tried restarting the app multiple times, signing in and out, rebooting. I’m not 100% sure if this is what fixed it but only after I removed an ANT+ USB dongle that I had plugged in and then restarted the app did it work. I know this won’t be the case for most people but maybe just try turning off anything else that might be interferring. Any other devices that may be paired to your device etc… Good luck (and I might be back if it stops working again…)

Hi - I mine just stopped working - I followed all the instructions here with no improvement. Any other ideas?

following as mine is doing the same - seems very little update since the last comment by Rachell?

Same problem here. Tried the battery thing. Will try if I can connect to apple tv, but I run with Ipad cause no tv there and bike with apple tv / tv.

Yup, that was the problem. Somehow the pod was connected to my apple tv, once I shut that down it worked again on my Ipad.

I’m having the same issue with connection to Zwift runpod dropping out. It will connect for 5 sec then drop off for 20 min