Zwift run pod pairs but avatar does not move

(Janick) #1

Although I enjoy running with zwift, I find the zwiftpod unreliable. In the last month, I have changed the battery already 3 times.

Today my zwift pod pairs (on apple tv and ipad), but I cannot get the avatar to move. Very frustrating. My husband used the pod today, and he had no problems. I have tried resetting the pod (removing the battery, waiting 15 minutes and replacing it), logging out of the app, turning off all bluetooth potential apps (to make sure there is no BT interference). I don’t know what else to do. I’m pretty frustrated and am thing about buying the garmin run pod!

(Steven) #2

Hi Janick,

I certainly understand your frustrations and I’ll offer some suggestions which may help.

Before you invest in a Garmin Footpod, make sure you have an ANT+ dongle and since most Garmin devices are only supported for use with Zwift when paired via ANT+, the Garmin footpod is only directly compatible with Zwift on a computer that meets Zwift’s minimum requirements.

Zwift includes partial support for ANT+ on iOS/tvOS, the exception being that you cannot get controlled resistance from a smart trainer. If you’re planning on using ANT+ on iOS/tvOS, you have only two recommended options to bridge the signal:

Viiiiva Heart Rate Monitor.
NPE CABLE: You can find a helpful setup video here on YouTube.​

Typically these RunPod issues can be resolved by following the correct sequencing for pairing the RunPod to the app.

  1. First, please try to update the Zwift Runpod using the Milestone app on your Android or iOS mobile device.
  2. If you’re using an Android device, check the Google store for the Milestone app update.
  3. If you’re using iOS, check the App store for the milestone app update.
  4. After you’ve downloaded and updated the Milestone app to the current version, try to sync your Zwift Runpod to the milestone app.
  5. Once it syncs up, the Milestone app should provide you with a firmware update. Please install the firmware update.
  6. Please follow the next series of steps precisely, which should help to get your RunPod working.
  7. Force close all apps on your mobile device (iOS or Android) and close any apps or software which may potentially be connecting to the RunPod.
  8. Ensure that all nearby Bluetooth devices are powered OFF (e.g. BLE headphones, speakers, mouse, keyboard, treadmill, etc…)
  9. Remove the casing and extract the battery from the RunPod.
  10. If you haven’t replaced the battery recently, please use a new battery.
  11. Ensure there is no debris, dust, moisture on our around the battery and no debris, dust, moisture inside the battery socket of the RunPod.
  12. Leave the battery out of the RunPod for approximately 30 seconds to 1 minute.
  13. Re-seed the battery into the RunPod and securely twist the covering back into place (it may not “snap” into place, but ensure that you’ve twisted it completely shut using a small coin or screwdriver).
  14. Now attach the RunPod to your shoe.
  15. Launch the Zwift app on your device (iOS, Apple TV, Mac, or Android). If using a mobile device for Zwift, ensure that Bluetooth is enabled and WiFi or Mobile data is available.
  16. If you’re using a Windows computer and Windows BLE isn’t working, I recommend turning it off​​, then trying to pair your devices using the Zwift Companion app on your mobile device (Android or iOS) as a BLE bridge. We’ve written a guide for connecting via BLE in the article “Pairing to Zwift with Bluetooth LE (BLE) Before a Ride​.”
  17. Login to Zwift and navigate to the Paired Devices screen.
  18. If the Zwift RunPod doesn’t automatically pair to the app, make the appropriate selections at the pairing Screen to pair under “RUN SPEED” and “CADENCE”.
  19. Once you’ve successfully paired the RunPod, feel free to turn on any other Bluetooth devices you may need or want to use. NOTE: Using numerous extra Bluetooth devices may potentially create signal interference and cause problems with your RunPod’s connection to Zwift.
  20. Set the speed on the treadmill to a pace you’re comfortable holding for at least one minute (I recommend at least 3 mph) and start running.
  21. You should see the mph or kph indicator display your running speed where your device is paired under “RUN SPEED”, which means that the RunPod is transmitting speed and cadence information to Zwift.
  22. Press OK to finish pairing your RunPod, make your Drop-In screen selections, and press the “RUN” button to start a run activity.
  23. Your avatar should now be moving in-game.

If you’re still having troubles after giving those steps a try, please submit a support ticket if you haven’t already done so, and one of our support agents will be happy to take a closer look at this matter.

(Janick) #3

Thank you for your reply. I submitted a support ticket last week, and the problem was solved. I had never updated my pod with the Milestone app. When I ordered the pod (via zwift), it wasn’t mentionned that was part of the setup. Anyways, I did download the Milestone app, updated my footpod, recalibrated it with the zwift app, and problem solved.