Zwift Ride and Kickr V5

when and if my Stages SB20 gives up do you think that the Zwift ride and be bought separately and it would work with the Kickr ( I have in my shed)?

The question is does the KICKR v5 support virtual shifting?
As of now, the answer is no.

{EDIT to include relevant text from Wahoo support article}

Compatible trainers + firmware versions

  • KICKR MOVE, firmware version 1.3.14 or later
  • KICKR v6 (2022), firmware version 5.2.15 or later
  • KICKR CORE, firmware version 1.3.17 or later

Will virtual shifting be available on other KICKR models?

We are working to enable virtual shifting for KICKR v5 (2020) and KICKR v4 (2018) in the future.


I have a Kickr V6. Can I take the Cog from the Zwift RIDE and place it on the Kickr V6?

Yes the Cog is just a cassette with one sprocket so it will work with any of the supported trainers (Wahoo Kickr Core/V6/MOVE, Zwift Hub)

Ah ok thanks.

Hi @Vegard_Halvorsen8902, I’m Fernanda from Zwift.

I couldn’t miss the opportunity to share my two cents on your question! When we launch the Zwift Ride frame only later this year, the compatibility will include the Wahoo KICKR v6, so you will be ready to enjoy this upgrade!

The trainers that offer Zwift’s virtual shifting are the ones that will be able to enjoy the upgrade with the frame-only option so, as @Dan_Kothlow let us know, the v5 is currently not under this category.

Always keep an eye on our Zwift Shop to be ready for this future launch!

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Thanks Fernanda but I’ve got a V5. I wouldn’t buy another almost identical one.

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I noticed you didn’t say the KICKR MOVE.
Does the back and forth on the KICKR MOVE preclude the Zwift Ride frame from working with that trainer?