Zwift Races May 1

Zwift races are “an introduction to racing” or “training races” as you call them.

Unlike ODZ, KISS, WBR races, Zwift races seem un-officiated perhaps?

I understand there are no classes (A-D), just racing and no tt bikes

These results:  clearly show two riders finishing 5.7 and 5.4 w/kg (way ahead of Zada approved Becker’s 4.88 and 1:38 behind at finish)

Maybe they are new and had mag trainers on easy levels, but I feel either way, those over 5 w/kg should not be rewarded with podiums and wins. I would prefer these results be corrected as are all other races. Even entry level racers need to learn there are rules and limits. If not, other racers will feel cheated and may get discouraged from racing.

Careful this can be construed as publicly calling someone out for cheating.

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Thanks, and Ride On!


I appreciate the advice. I can’t edit my comments, but I did not accuse or try to imply cheating. That isn’t for me to decide anyway. I haven’t seen finalized results with riders over 5 w/kg unless they were zada approved. Certain mistakes can be made by new people was all I stated as a possibility for such extreme results. Heart monitors are usually in the rules for the A podium in most races as well. 


I did not know this thing existed at all. After a serial of Facebook posting. Numbers produced by me were publicly posted and called cheater. I try to understand what was the culprit of such demanding. Like you are 70 YO. could not produce such numbers. Never before hear terms as FTP and power meters, The other people had knowledge of those terms, But me. Therefor my point of view  about Numbers was that Zwift was Producing those number. Been the program responsible to produce the numbers using my data: HRM, Cadence and speed that was monitor by sensors every single time. I have and still have my strava numbers public. Members of Zwift using Facebook. publicly copy and posted my data. even called to group administrators to take action. I had no idea what action they were talking about. until was to late for me. Later on a learn about ZADA and Zwiftpower. The case is My name is branded as “Cheater” and like :Non Plausible data" I though I was using Zwift with what Zwift requirements are: a basic Trainer and sensors. But No after I found out that such Group administrators can do. I understood that such basic requirements are no good for “Zwift Race Groups programmed” Must of the people who accused me Knew it and later mentioned me that is necessary to have a Power Meter that basically directly measure Watts. Those sensors have at least a cost of U$ 500.00. and trainers used for most Zwift dedicated racers are Smart Zwift Controlled Trainers. I with a Budget of U$ 1300.00 obviously can not afford. It mean basically the Zwift world of Virtual Cycling is not for many of us. Who innocently can be accused of cheaters. Now I have not knowledge to clear my name, even if I spend near U$ 900.00 on fit the bike with a reliable Power meter, that have to be at least +.- 1.5% accuracy. I have been study the world of Cycling Power Meters. Found out that that even with that accuracy, the different application methods of the sensible strain gauges; on hubs, pedals, crank arms. rotor spiders, Tire pressure sensors, and others have differences between then about 5% 20% on power producing extreme values, like when sprinting. uphill attacks. downhill attacks. that easily would sent many FTP above 6.0 to 7.0 Conclusion: Not even using PM. Virtual Cycling could be regulated as Real Cycling. Simple real cycling has on site Real Inspectors and testers. I would like to clear my name, Saving money at least to have any direct power reader. mean time learned how not to hit a ftp higher than 4.99. Yes I’m 70 YO and 63.5 kg 

Z power is frustrating. I finally broke down and bought a powermeter. Now, I’m riding courses to compare one power to another. z power is higher even though the Kinetic is non-adjustable and has very accurate readings.

a used power meter is the best option. An ftp of 8.1 is some kind of error. I agree, it is  probably zwift’s inaccuracy. Ask Zwift to help check all your settings and trainer. 

You can buy an ant powertap wheel on ebay for 100 dollars us. That may still be a lot, but you will find out your real wattage. Or go to a race and see if you can borrow someone’s bike for 20 minutes after it’s over.

Thanks for sharing your story.

Possibly Z-power will be adjusted to level the playing field in the future. Without Z-power I would never have started Zwifting over 2 seasons ago. That is what makes z-power great is that almost anyone can enjoy zwift. When I compete on Zwift races I just have to remember it is all for fun and to push my fitness. Z power or not, I want to believe I can win against any variable.

Zwift was initially a tool for people use a basic trainer. is called CLASSIC. Its Power Curve Power Produce by a Cyclist on Watts vs Bicycle Speed on KMH or MPH. on a flat terrain. (supposed to be the best surface possible or more common on must of the world, Bituminous paved surface) by the 2014 or so when Zwift was launched. It mean Zwift adopted, corrected or calculated such curve. Obviously to be used in the software, Therefore is Zwift responsibility. Indoor Device Trainers have particularly inherit Power Curves, Also they have several grades of difficulty, each one with its own PV, As the Program evolved into Virtual cycling, it was branded as Social Cycling. My opinion Zwift Responsibility. At the same time Social Groups emerged. and in the Process The groups saw the necessity to have son kind of regulations. and numbers as FTPper Kg following rider weight. From there The so call ZADA emerged similar to WADA. and some geeks crated Zwiftpower. This is the moment Zwift (Father of all these thing) decided set themselves apart. In my Opinion no so fast my friends. Under all these circustances no one no two but many I mean many Zwifters had been branded CHEATERS, No Plausible DATA ONES. And there is not or some very little and slow  tedious process of appealing. Who then is Responsible to reevaluate the Branded Users Zwifters?  fast and easy? In my opinion; Zwift Must take action Team with the Team  or Groups organizers and Program producers to evaluate and standardize methods, rules and regulations of the Very New and ambitious Virtual Social Cycling  

Experimenting, Learning, doing Zwift with a new set up. Zee ee Kryder mention is possible to buy a Power Meter on Ebay for U$ 100.00. No is not possible to get a reliable Cycling Power Meter. after a month of trying, The closer I got was U@ 385 for a Quark Crank System but I lost the bidding . I had no more that 300 bucks. At last some money came up. and thanks to a good ebayer He sold me  a set of wheels ready to go with a PowerTap G3 ANT+ and Bluetooth smart, So I have, since I started Zwifting, evolved from a U$ 50.00 Chinese Trainer. to a set up including. A off road bike, A road Bike and a Indoor Bike on a Elite Supercrono Elastomag Non_Smart Trainer 8 levels of difficulty and the Training, Road Wheel, All together went for a total of U$ 1500.00. My set up is versatile, but still I learned that needs a Bike Computer capable of GPS data, Altimeter, outdoors data recording so on and so for. Mean about U$ 300.00. Now about Zwifting with that New Set Up, What I have learn? In order to put Power on my Pedaling PoP the trainer have to put More Positive Resistance to my back wheel; Put the trainer on Level 3 or 4 and use gear-ratio  switching. If I do not put resistance to my wheel I do not get more speed. Like you going cycling Commuting, (level 1) Sunday easy legs warm up 20 kmh, Trainer on Level 2, But you want serious Zwift racing Level 3 or 4 to reach 40 to 50 kmh on flats and climbing. My set ups is lot versatile than any of those U$ 1,600.00 Smart trainers.I just switch the Power Meter ready wheel between bikes. Of course My Power and FTP numbers had change as well but, the Numbers are more consistence between Indoor Training-Racing and outdoor numbers. It means Zwift has still lot to make the application more affordable, standardizing, and homogeneous for every single possible users, and take responsibility how its product is not abuse between its own customers. On my Opinion it has been out of control with things like ZADA, Groups,  Group leaders Software annexed applications like and so on and so fore.