Inaccurate Results

(Rick Dalton [WNYBRC] (C)) #1

Can you please fix the Companion App race results so they are accurate or else just remove it?

You are listing racers over 5 w/kg as winning races other than A races. It’s absurd.

(Nigel ) #2

Are you checking the results at ? Zwift aren’t in the business of disqualifying paying customers from race results. That’s why they wash their hands of it and leave it up to a third party to disqualify people.

(Rick Dalton [WNYBRC] (C)) #3

Why does Zwift state certain w/kg limits and have categories then even? Are you saying it’s okay to upset the paying customers who enter the correct race category and follow the prescribed guidelines?

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #4

Very good point @Rick_Dalton_WNYBRC These event are setup and managed by race organizers and not Zwift. In the past there was no result/leader board so we could only rely on Zwift power to sort filter and DQ. But now that Zwift has a results page ride organizers has the option to have it turned off and I would assume they should have the option to turn it off in the Companion App.

You also bring up a very valid point about upsetting people that follow the rules, I would think you would rather focus on those that want to follow the rules.

I really hope that Zwift is working on a way to filter riders before the race not after the fact like we currently do with Zwift power.

I also hope that the new format that the KISS series has adopted will not be the future of zwift racing. They have taken all the fun out of racing for the lower racers now with all group riding as on bunch the C and D riders noting to gain they will race for 60th place with the hope that ZP will filter the first 59 and they will win. If you are not a A rider you will never know if you should burn a match to close a gap to your opponent or if he is actually a opponent or just a A guy on a recovery ride.