Zwift race disappeared

Using ATV 4K.
I entered the city crit race today at 15:45 BST.
I did a steady 10 miles round Insbruck which automatically uploaded once I switched to the race.
Once the race was complete I hit the button to return to Innsbruck for a warm down.
After that I hit the save button but instead of saying ‘ride saved’ or whatever it usually does, Zwift just quit.
Now there seems to be no record at all of having done the race (which normally auto saves once you return to the free ride) or the warm down session.
I’m not too bothered about it if it’s a one off (although I do like to chart my results from Zwiftpower) but I’d rather this didn’t become a recurring theme.
Is the ride really gone for good or is there a way to retrieve it?

Hi @Adam_Slee
Shuji at Zwift HQ here. If either the app or the computer crash before the save & upload is complete, there is a likely risk that you might not get credit for that session. The only way to push a particular session to Zwift’s servers if through the normal Save & Upload process. There isn’t a way to manually upload after a crash.

Apple locks down the Apple TV operating system to a degree that you as the user are not able to access the log files to investigate what led to the crash, and it’s more difficult for us at Zwift to dig deeper compared to other OS platforms.

With any computer, but particularly with Apple TV - it’s good practice to power off and reboot on a regular basis (weekly, daily - whatever you feel comfortable with). You’d be surprised at the difference in app stability vs. letting the box run for weeks at a stretch. It’s also good practice to reboot your cable/DSL modem and WiFi router regularly too.

Thanks for the reply.
I only use my Apple TV for Zwift so it only gets powered up every few days just for that one purpose. I also reboot my wifi equipment daily.
That’s why I was wondering if the problem was at the Zwift end rather than here.
Ah well, it’s no great shakes; the race never appeared but looking at the results on Zwiftpower, based on my finishing time I think I would have been happy with my position.
I’m just concerned it might happen again…
This is the first glitch I’ve had in almost two years so can’t really complain.

I had a 100km ride today, 3h15minutes. Hit save button.
It appears into my totals as km and updated level but the ride does not appear into my feed or into my files from docs…
Anything that can be done, or is lost forever?

There’s no file created on the correct date in the documents/zwift/activities folder?

No, there isn’t unfortunately and I told myself not to start my Garmin because Zwift will do the work for me. My mistake…

See if the error reoccurs by doing a small ride before you embark on your next big ride.

Have you got something syncing your documents folder like one drive or Dropbox? that can cause problems. Have you changed anything to do with file permissions? I can’t imagine how zwift got the data if it’s not on your computer for upload.

I still don’t get it how it appears into my total km but the ride doesn’t show in the feed.
Don’t have dropbox or other similar services and haven’t modified anything since my last ride.
Still the Zwift “updated” before this ride… and I think this might be the issues.
Anyway the kilometres remains into my legs even if they don’t show up anywhere else. I simply want it to analyze my ride. That’t all.

If if keeps happening send a support ticket.