Advice please - approach for lost save on AppleTV 4k

Hi - Am loving ZWIFT but… have had a couple of examples where at the end of my ride the AppleTV has failed to upload the ride to the ZWIFT server. (I know that once on the Zwift server - if needed - you can download and manually pass on to Strava for example)

However the 1st time this happened the ‘lost connection’ ride did then get uploaded to Zwift server later, (once the connection was restored) whereas my recent example it did not (assume the data was lost / replaced by a new ride I started)

Can I have some advice on the best method to recover a ride / enable upload once a connection issue is fixed please??

I assume restarting a ‘new ride’ overwrites the pending file but can find no FAQ or help on the subject. What should I / should I not do in this situation??? Just so I know the steps to proceed with (or not!!!)

Thanks in advance! RIDE ON !

There is no way to manually upload rides to Zwift.

I don’t think there is a way to download the .fit file from ATV and then upload it to 3rd party sites either.

Thanks Paul - understood - The key question is ‘what do I do if it fails’… Example - Session A fails to upload. When the connection was re-established the data (from Session A) got uploaded… however when this happened last to me the data was NOT uploaded… I can only assume restarting a session ‘deleted’ my ‘pending data’ from session A.

Closing out the session is important for all platforms, but especially so on AppleTV.

When you end a ride, the save & upload step is what sends the details of your ride to the server. On each platform, the game app should close automatically, which ensures that the next time you ride, you’re starting with a clean login.

With Apple TV, it’s best to force-close the game app yourself to ensure that session logged out fully and the data uploads.

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Thanks Suji - Is it possible to explain what you mean by “force-close” the app… do you mean exit or something else???

There’s a difference between passively swooshing an app out of view vs a forced-close exit that affirmatively stops that app from running in the background.

Whether Windows, Mac OS, AppleTV (aka tvOS), iOS or anything else, there’s a way to see what apps are running in the background and manually force them to stop running completely. The particulars for each OS will vary, but here’s one article for the AppleTV how-to.

Thanks Shuji - think that makes sense! Unfortunately I am not an “Apple” person - but use an AppleTV for Zwift… everything else is on Android in my life!!! LOL