Zwift program can't find my BT sensor Misuro B+


(Davide de H-S) #1


I’m returning from an injury. ~10months ago I did use Zwift with the same setup:

  • Thinkpad notebook
  • BT dongle
  • Smartphone (Android) + BT
  • Elite Turbo Roteo Smart B+

Today I couldn’t get a connection between Zwift an the power sensor. So I couldn’t ride.

What I do:

  • I set up my bike an check the sensor (it blinks 14x so it should work correctly for the specific trainer)

  • button cell (sensor) is in good condition

  • I launch the Zwift program on my thinkpad (win 10 64)

  • I turn on the BT dongle

  • I start the Zwift App on the smartphone

  • App + program are in the same network

  • I get the blue app game screen

  • I activate the BT symbol on the game screen

  • I start the search for the sensor via notebook setup window (this is where I used to find the sensor sooner or later, 10 months ago)

  • the BT symbol on the game screen is still red

  • no sensor connection

  • there are no other pairings

  • I tried with two different smartphones

  • I put smartphone and notebook right next to the sensor, which also doesn’t help

  • if my idea of the power calculation is correct, the sensor collects simply the number of magnetic impulses as a function of time. When I move the pedal on the trainer, I can hear a noise inside the sensor everytime the magnet passes by - so I think the sensor should work (?)


  1. Does this mean smartphone and notebook are connected via same WLAN, but sensor can’t connect to smartphone? =>
  2. which way is the sensor signal going? sensor=>smartphone=>notebook-BT-dongle(=>zwift program)?
    I ask this because last year I sometimes used to connect the BT dongle to a longer cable to place the BT right next to the trainer/sensor. If the sensor doesn’t connect to the notebook(BT) this wouldn’t make sense. (?)
  3. Is there any way to check if the sensor is able to communicate with any device at all?

I think I did everything like last year, but this time I didn’t manage to connect…

Any ideas?

Thank You!


(Davide de H-S) #2

OK, sImpler Question:

Do I have to accept the Companion App to access my (GPS?) position?
The app is asking for permission - and a minute ago I changed my mind and answered “yes” => suddenly my sensor was found!

I really don’t understand how this relates to each other!

Why would Zwift need my position? What kind of position are they talking about?
My WiFi-IP? GPS? Vitual Zwift world position?