Zwift (PC) and Mobile Link (Android) doesnt find my Misuro B+


I can find many similar questions concerning this sensor - but few solutions.


  1. Misuro + PC with BT4.0 = no sensor/trainer detection on Zwift program possible? => ANT+ Dongle needed? (I am just asking because I am still confused whether my BT equipment is enough or I need an ANT+ dongle)

  2. Misuro + Smartphone with BT4.0 = no sensor/trainer detection on Zwift mobile Link => what to do? What I try to do:

  • start PC program, log into the game

  • pairing of Misuro + Smartphone via BT (this pairing doesn’t seem to exist that long, no matter which distance between the devices. It seems that the pairing ends just “by” opening the Mobile Link App)

  • APP says: “THere are no connections. Use the PAIRED DEVICES screen in the game to connect to your gear.” — I am confused here: The paired devices screen is the one on the PC program, but pairing there is only possible via ANT+ (which I don’t have yet)? So only after this i can have a BT-connections between MIsuro and Mobile Link?

  1. Should my sensor work with every device (like an USB dongle) that is at least BT4.0 (even if it isn’t called BTsmart or BLE or what ever)?

Should my sensor work with every device (like an USB dongle) that is called ANT+?

  1. Is there anyone who runs a Misuro B+ on Zwift with no problem? What’s your (minimum) setup?

  2. Can I use only the App without the PC program? In the end or at least as a first step I just need speed/pwr/cadence-data, and I would prefer to get this data visualized on my smartphone via BT.


Thanks for your help!


What I found out so far:

A connection BT-Sensor->Zwift (PC) is possible. It was possible to have a (unwillingly) short ride without any ANT+ - equipment. If I got it right, the sonsor ceonnected via my BT4.0 USB-Dongle of my PC ( ? ).

–> What would be the ADVANTAGE of an ANT+ - Dongle here?

I don’t know how I managed to make the whole thing run (temporarily…) and manage Zwift to detect the sensor (which I set up correctly). Anyways the fun did not last very long.


During 5km of my ride I’ve lost the connection several times so that my avatar just didn’t move any longer although I kept on pedalling.

-> Does this definitely mean that the Distance of 0,6m between sensor and PC ist to high?

Thank you.